Real Thai Girls

Real Thai Girls

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Real Thai Girls

There are two types of Thai girls or women. Traditional Thai’s and Modern Thai’s. Of course this is a generalization but in general it is true.

The Traditional Thai Girl

The first is the traditional Thai girl. She is very orthodox and unlikely to make the cross culture exchange that leads to marriage.

And even if she does it maybe quite difficult to bridge the wide cultural gap.

She is primarily motivated by tradition, stability and what is socially exceptable.

However, love has no borders so if you are lucky enough to meet such a women then hopefully love will conquer all.

The Modern Thai Girl

The Modern Thai Girl is very different but always remember her deep roots are the same as the traditional Thai girls.

However, these girls are liberated and willing to experience new and wonderful things in their quest for advancement and betterment of themselves and their families.

They have all the qualities of a traditional Thai but are much more willing to experiment and do things outside the norm.

These girls are the ones you want to meet to experience all the nuances and pleasures of Asia and Asian society and life.

Just remember that their primary motivation for stepping outside of main stream Thai culture, is their pursuit of a better life.

This can answer many of the confusing questions that Westerners sometimes ask themselves.

In almost all cases the answer to any eratic behaviour is simply to ask how did it serve her betterment.

Thai Girl Psyche

It can take years to fully penetrate Thai girl psyche but knowing these two types of girls and their primary motivations is a great starting point.

The best way to learn all this of course is by experiencing it for yourself.

You can start now to connect and meet new friends and begin your journey to a new culture, new life and ultimately a new YOU!